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MT-01 silouette .png

Thunder 1700

The Yamaha MT-01 goes its own way. The abbreviation MT stands for "Master of Torque" or "Motorsport Torque". These designations perfectly capture the unique character of the MT, as on the one hand it has a gigantic 1700 cubic centimetre V2 with a mountain of torque and on the other hand it has the frame construction of a super sports motorbike. It combines the sovereign torque with razor-sharp and sporty handling. The look polarises right from the start.

The KODO drums in Japan are known for their powerful and impressive sound. The engineers at Yamaha were inspired by this acoustic and created this unique sound of the MT-01.

This acoustic spectacle is further emphasised by the lines of the Thunder 1700,

making this motorbike a unique experience.

First sketches

MT-01 DeepBoom .jpg
Thunder 1700

The way to reality

To make the Thunder 1700 real, the original Yamaha MT 01 3D was scanned. In the future, you can experience every step of the process and take part in the realisation. 


After the MT has been 3D scanned, the first parts are created in CAD. Particular attention is paid to the dimensioning and assembly of the components. 


The next step is to create the first components in the real world in order to really bolt them to the MT.

MT 01.178.png
MT 01.179.png
MT 01.184.png
MT 01.181.png
MT 01.182.png
MT-01 Thunder by WIL-D

Key sketch

After various tests of the different components, their strengths and weaknesses became apparent. WIL-D also stands for perfection, besides other aspects. For this reason, all components were revised and improved. This also had an influence on the design of the components. The Thunder 1700 clearly gained in character! 

Let's go for the next stage!

Stay tuned!

The headlight unit was also redesigned. More radical than ever!

Headlamp Conceptside.png
headlamp evo B.220.png
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