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Big Bobber

The origins of the bobber style can be found in the 1930s. The aim at that time was to reduce all unnecessary weight in order to make the motorbikes faster. At that time, dirt track racing was also very popular. This reduced style inspired many bikers to modify their bikes. The term "bobbing" can be interpreted as shortening or removing anything superfluous. 

For this reason, bobber motorbikes appear very reduced and powerful.

The Big Bobber from WIL-D takes these powerful lines and breathes out this distinctive flair. Deep, powerful, reduced - Big Bobber.

Big Bobber GULF edition

The Big Bobber also has a strong stance in the

GULF - Edition.

The Big Bobber Titan Force

The Big Bobber Daredevil

Big Bobber
Big Bobber Titan Force
Big Bobber Daredevil
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