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Big Orange

The Fat Boy from Harley Davidson has been a fascination since the very beginning. In the film Terminator, it serves as a proper ride for the T 800 and has therefore gained enormous fame. 

H-D launched a new version in 2018 with more displacement and significantly improved chassis. The fascination and imposing appearance have remained. 

The concept of the Big Orange by WIL-D is based on the Fat Boy 114, except that it is equipped with the 117 engine and is visually more reduced than the original. 


At first glance, the Big Orange appears to be a single-seater. But hidden under the saddle is the pillion seat, which can be folded out if necessary. The elegance is of course preserved.

Big Orange solo

The transformation of the Big Orange from a sturdy one-seater to an elegant two-seater.







Big Orange duo
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