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Who is WIL-D?

Jean-Marc Wilkens founder and owner of WIL-D

WIL-D was founded by Jean-Marc Wilkens (MA Master of Arts). The company is situated in South France.

Many years and kilometres of experience in motorbike and 4x4 travel allow for a broader perspective in development and design philosophy.  These values are constantly incorporated into the design process.

Design is an eternal process... like the shaping of the dunes.

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All About Design Philosophy

I find the design philosophy that is often behind a product exciting and fascinating. It reveals a lot about the product itself, but also about the environment in which it was created and the world for which it was created. 

Now there are two ways for me to interpret and implement this philosophy. Either I refine the basic features of these trains of thought or I put them in a completely different light. It is like the illumination of an object. A light source on a surface allows certain plays of light and shadow. Certain lines stand out while others are almost invisible. 

If you now illuminate this object with another (or further) light source, a completely different play of light and shadow is created. Other or further lines also become visible. This play of light is like the design philosophy. Depending on how you look at something, the character of a product can change. 

This way of looking allows me to give the product more character and independence. The search for harmony between design and context lead to the feeling of joy, freedom and depth. 

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