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Honda CB 1300_SILOUHETTE.png

C BULL 1300

The Honda CB 1300 is characterised by its very homogeneous overall concept. It is both suitable for touring and a sporty motorbike to ride. 

I was able to call a CB 1300 my own for several years and learned to appreciate this motorbike very much. 

The engine is very powerful and torquey and shines with incredible smoothness.

IMG-20210819-WA0002 Kopie.jpg

The concept of the C BULL 1300 takes up the powerful lines of the Honda. The short tail and the reduced light mask make the proportions much more beefy. The C BULL 1300 now offers space only for purists who want to enjoy the experience just for themselves.

Suspension components from Öhlins significantly improve the handling. The C BULL 1300 is now made for the sporty moments in life - without sacrificing comfort.

Powerful - Pure - C BULL 1300

C BULL 1300 Version 2

C BULL 1300 by WIL-D V2
Honda CB 1300OLD SCHOOL.png
Honda CB 1300 BLUE.png
C BULL 1300 by WIL-D V1

C BULL 1300 Type 2

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