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The Yamaha GTS 1000 is one of the rare motorbikes to be equipped with axle steering. This concept exudes a unique technoid flair.

The Yamaha GTS1000 is a sport-touring motorcycle introduced by Yamaha in 1993. It is notable for its forkless front suspension, specifically a RADD, Inc., front suspension designed by James Parker. This suspension provided improved stability under braking, but the improvement did not justify the additional cost for the consumer, and the bike was not commercially successful.

The GTS1000 also had advanced technologies not normally found on motorcycles at the time, such as OCC (Omega Chassis concept), single sided front swingarmelectronic fuel injectionABS brakescatalytic converter and six-piston front-brake caliper.

The MARTINI 1000 is based on the Yamaha GTS 1000 and adopts the chassis concept. However, the unsprung masses at the front have been significantly reduced to make the bike more agile. The agility is underlined by consistent weight reduction. The Martini Racing Design underlines the sportiness of the bike. 

The MARTINI 1000 by WIL-D.

WIL-D Martini Yamaha GTS 1000
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