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Dirty Dyna

The "Dirty Dyna" concept has been equipped with longer shock absorbers and a more stable swingarm. The fork is also dimensioned thicker to better withstand the driving on unpaved surfaces. A fork guard, engine guard and thick knobby tyres complete the look.

For many, the Dyna series represents the sporty side of Harley. Stylistically and technically, this series went its own way. It has also been modified in many different ways.

The "
Dirty Dyna" concept ventures into unusual terrain for most Harleys.... it is allowed to get up to mischief in the mud and certainly allows for more freedom!

The Dirty Dyna once (and rarely) clean

Dirty Dyna by WIL-D

The Dirty Dyna as it is in its soul... dirty and wild!

Dirty Dyna by WIL-D
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