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You have a motorbike.

You know it and you are happy every time you get on it. And suddenly you think "and what would it look like if...?“.


Motorbikes are an emotional story that also exert a great fascination through their design.

Individualising the design reinforces the individual character and reflects a side of your soul.

LOGO WIL-D_edited_edited.png

WIL-D offers you the possibility to visualise your dream bike


Even the small details contribute to an individual appearance and give your motorbike its uniqueness.

WIL-D develops the appropriate, personal details for your motorbike.


In order to generate a perfect basis for the individualisation proposals, either your entire motorbike or relevant parts are 3D scanned.

The advantage of this method by WIL-D is the precise information about the surface and bolt-on points. As a result, a CAD model can be created that fits your motorbike perfectly.

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