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Harley Davidson is a traditional brand known for its high-torque V2 engines. Most people associate Harley with cruising on long straight highways. This is also true for most models. Harley Davidson was always represented in off-road races like the Baja. However, it was mostly privately converted street machines. However, there were isolated in the company's history actually small enduros.

With the Pan America, Harley Davidson launches its debut in the world of travel enduros. The powerful engine with 145 hp not only invites you to travel but also to ride sportily. It is the perfect basis for the WILD Pan.

The WILD Pan is a homage to the wild off-road times and picks up various style elements of this time. Combined with the impressive technology of the Pan America, an exciting concept has been created.


The WILD Pan by WIL-D!

WILD Panbright.jpg
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