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The WOLF Project

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When form and function work together.

The collaboration with Montpellier 4x4 is a great proof of how well form and function can work together. 


Montpellier 4x4 describes itself in the following words:

We are specialists & preparers since 2008. Our years of experience are at your disposal to advise you.

Our only obsession is your complete satisfaction. We will do our utmost to process your request quickly and efficiently.

These unique selling points make Montpellier 4x4 the ideal working partner for WIL-D. 

LOGO D_edited_edited_edited.png

The Mercedes G WOLF was developed for the Bundeswehr. It is characterised by its robust and simple technology. These features and the short wheelbase make it very suitable for off-road use. Fascination G WOLF.

To keep this spirit alive, Montpellier 4x4 and WIL-D are rebuilding these vehicles in a unique way. 

The Mercedes WOLF legend

MERCEDES G M 4x4 opened
MERCEDES G M 4x4 closed
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